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Braglist is a Slack application designed for users to track their personal achievements at work, focusing on privacy and minimal data access.


This app allows users to log achievements through Slack commands, linking data to their Slack ID for personalized reports, and ensuring no PII is accessed or stored.

OAuth Scope and Data Access

The only required permission is the commands scope, allowing the app to receive slash commands. User data linkage is limited to the Slack ID.

Data Privacy and Security

The app guarantees privacy by not accessing or storing PII and using user data solely for generating personalized reports. It adheres to industry-standard security protocols.

User Experience

Users interact with the app using slash commands and can access their personalized reports on demand, maintaining control over their data.

Administrative Assurance

The app operates on a minimal, non-invasive permission scope and is fully transparent in its functionality and data use.

Support and Installation

For support or inquiries, contact us at To install Braglist, click the button below.

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